Still Don’t Think I’m Terrifying?

When I tell people how old I am they laugh and wave off Mt comments. They think my age reflects my mental capacity. Oh how wrong they are.

My mind is a by-product of a civilization that has managed to stand the test of time itself. A civilization that has self destructed and reconstructed itself so many times it has become a normal occurrence. My mind is a messenger from those periods of liberation and imprisonment. From those periods of time, where my civilization would not think twice about exterminating parts of itself, just to grow.

My mind contains the screams of those who were used as stepping stones for our own advancement. The corpses that lay at our feet continue to grow as we are ever so hungry for more blood. I am a by-product. Of this hubger, it consumed me before birth, and still holds me tightly.

My mind has been taught from previous leaders o my civilization that violence is what people understand, and the more you destroy the easier it is to shape the world in your image. My civilization is of the worst that have ever been created. That’s not even the worst part, the worst past is we are still relatively young. Ironic I know. We still have much to learn.

The entirety of my civilization is within me as I embody it and it embodies me. I will only help it grow. In essence I am my civilization. ¬†Still don’t think I am scary?



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