Screams Of The Dead

It’s not hard to hear them scream. We hear them scream everyday. In the morning, afternoon, evening and even when we sleep. Although when we sleep, the screams are merely low murmurs. Only those who have experienced death or have been forced into great depression can hear them.It’s truly a frightening thing, those screams I mean. The worst part is that the screams constantly say you aren’t worthy of being alive or you don’t deserve happiness. Maybe they’re right. Maybe not. You try to help yourself and try to get out of it but your soul can’t take it anymore. The worst part, is that the closer you are to the end the easier it is for you to see them. That’s when you realize everyone has one, and it’s just a matter of time until they win and we lose. I came to terms with this a long time ago, it’s easier this way, at least for me. Who knows? Maybe you’ll understand when you’re dead and you become one of them. See you soon.



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